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As specialists in the field of endocrinology, Arden Endocrinology provides comprehensive services for patients who require tests, screening and treatment of diabetes, thyroid problems, and other endocrine problems.


We understand that diagnosing health issues or just the knowledge of having a chronic illness causes stress, fear or worry. That’s why at Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic, we strive to understand your needs in great depth, and recognise that every individual’s experience differs from others.


Because of the wide array of diagnoses that exist within the fields of endocrinology, our comprehensive care and a full range of screening and testing equipment available helps to pin-point your endocrine problems, to help treat your health issues with more accuracy.


Arden Endocrinology provides a holistic, up-to-date and comprehensive experience that allays your worries and gives you the best course of action suitable for the treatment of your condition.

Arden Endocrinology

Specialising in Diabetes, Andrology and Endocrinology in Singapore

Personalised Diabetes Screening & Treatment

We can give you a comprehensive check-up accompanied with a detailed and personalised consultation for diabetes.


Equipped with a full range of in-house tests, screening and treatment facilities, our capabilities extend to providing a complete and exhaustive consultation and treatment for individuals with diabetes.


We work on a personalised approach (FIT) to our treatments:


Keeping you in the process of treatment, where we take your feedback into consideration for follow-up sessions


We continuously keep in touch with you to keep you informed, and track your treatment progress


We translate your progress and results into actionable steps to further aid the process of treatment.

We understand that much of the diabetes treatment relies on the patient’s regular self-medication, and as such, we provide the necessary assistance and help that you require to make the treatment process a smooth one.

Make an Appointment

Talk to a diabetes specialist in Singapore.

Our experienced staff will take care of you and advise you on your best treatment.

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