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Private consultation for male-related health issues.

We know that having male-related health problems can be worrying. Many people often do not seek medical attention because of embarrassment or very often put their problems down to be caused by ‘old age’.


Such problems should not be ignored, and may escalate further to cause additional stressors and problems.


You can confide in us.


At Arden Endocrinology, we are sympathetic to the stresses of male issues that you may be experiencing, and strive to provide appropriate advice that will be useful in the treatment of your problem.  We deal with your male-related health issues in a personal and confidential manner and will do our best to improve your quality of life.

Get the advice you need and let us help you manage them

Our services include:

Assessment of testosterone status, including andropause

Treatment of low testosterone

Management and treatment of problems related to low testosterone (erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity)

Make an Appointment

Our experienced staff will take care of you and advise you on your best treatment.

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